Daily Meditation for February 15, 2018

Incivility seems to be rampant these days in our politics, in the news, and even in the workplace. Incivility is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a rude or discourteous act. Incivility in the work place is not just mean emails or yelling co-workers, it can be as simple as not refilling the coffee pot after you used the last of the coffee, or leaving food in the break room refrigerator for weeks. Evidence shows that 12% of people have changed jobs because of workplace incivility. What can help this situation is perhaps the platinum rule. The rule says ‘treat others the way they want to be treated’. This means we need to learn how the people we work with want to be treated. This small act can go a long way to bring civility back into the workplace and the world. So when you drink the last of the coffee from the coffee pot, the least you can do is make another pot!

Bridgette Powers, OSB