Daily Meditation for November 20, 2017

by Christian Morris, OSB

Tension. Pressure. Stress. Unfortunately, these seem to be a part of most Americans’ daily lives. What makes us so busy? Why do we keep saying “yes” to commitments that exceed our time and energy? Does our endless involvement in projects and programs relieve stress or only increase it? Our often insatiable interest in the media and technology can make us more unsettled and anxious. How can we endure the suffering and violence so present in our world without a sense of inner peace and calm? One solution to living a harried, hassled life in our troubled time is to slow down. It’s not easy to slow down, but things as simple as taking time to really listen to someone, to go for a walk and notice the change of seasons, to read or pray, might be just what we need to help us cope with all that threatens a peaceful life.