Like a child

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

When I look at this picture that a friend of mine sent me of her great-niece, all I can do is smile. Here is a young child absolutely at peace and filled with joy over the simplicity of water coming out of a fountain. She is a picture of innocence and clearly she has no care at all in the world as to what is going on around her, she is not worried about how she looks in her bathing suit, who is looking at her, where she has to be or what time it is for that matter. She is just so completely in love with that very moment. Children are so open and free and interested in all that comes their way. They desire to learn and be without hesitation, fear or discrimination. They love everyone and everything without a second thought. And they quickly forgive us when we lose our temper. What a great example for all of us. God calls us all to “become like little children” and to bear patiently with our neighbor.

Unfortunately as we get older we start to question our faith which causes us doubt. Doubt can lead to fear and fear to anger. Anger causes hatred and can lead to violence. We have concerns about money, health and family issues.  All of this can slow us down and lead us away from our relationship with God. Children come to their parents trusting them to completely take care of them, protect them and provide for them. Parents correct when they are wrong and still love and cherish them. God wants that for us too because we are God’s children.

One of the first things our parents teach us is how to say thank you! Let us be grateful each day for the many gifts we have received.

For today, let go of all your worries. Live with child like wonder and excitement, love and joy, without fear or hesitation and always willing to forgive. Love the moment you are in and be grateful.


Tammy Shoemaker, OSB