The presider’s chair was bathed in sunlight as I walked through the Sacred Heart chapel on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I was so struck by its beauty that it stopped me in my tracks. I then walked around the chair, continuing to be captured by its beauty in the afternoon sun. At one point I looked up, trying to find the window that was letting in the beam of sun and bringing this chair to life. As I snapped a few pictures of the presider’s chair, now bathed in sunlight, I pondered the significance of this chair at our Eucharist celebrations. The sunlight became Sonlight for me at that moment. The light of God is what I was observing. My eyes were drawn to the altar, as if Christ’s eyes, sitting in the chair, were also drawn to the altar. With my eyes being drawn to the altar, I was reminded of all the Eucharist celebrations that take place in this sacred space. For it is here where I witness the bread and wine being transformed into the body and blood of Christ. It is here where I receive spiritual nourishment. The sunlight/Sonlight is forever transforming me in my commitment in this Benedictine community of women, as together we seek God in our daily lives. If you would like more information about Saint Benedict’s Monastery, please contact Sister Lisa Rose at lrose@csbsju.edu.