Care For Our Common Home

In the garden
sisters like multi-colored butterflies
roam from row to row
good gardeners
weeding, snipping, harvesting
the fruits of the earth
In the bakery
artisans prepare mysterious yeast
knead the dough
keep silence at the rising
reverence the baking
glory in the aroma
rejoice in the breaking and eating
In the Oratory
one by one they
walk, limp, dance, trudge
into familiar places,
as faithful as the sun and moon
chant words of tenderness and heartbreak
old and new dreams

In the Chapel
sisters greet guests
men, women, children
young and old echo 152 years
of yearning for God in song and silence,
lay their prayers upon the altar,
leave with this message,
Be at peace!
Kathryn Casper, OSB