Technology is a wonderful gift

It has broken through ignorance and opened our world to cultural exploration. Ways of communicating and naming “friends” is growing at a rapid pace. The inbox on my computer is saturated with the great breadth and depth of human concern, need, inspiration, friendship and humor. I barely escape a day without logging on to the computer and responding to and navigating through fields of interest.

Today my routine was brought to a halt. As usual I came to my office and pushed the power botton to on, only to hear a piercing shrieking sound coming from my computer. I thought, this can’t be so, of course I tried pushing the button one more time only to be met with the same penetrating sound and no sign of life coming from the computer.

This is when I had to be mindfully aware so that I would not lose myself in gasping breaths that would have me hyperventalating. There was an immediate restlessness that settled on my psyche. What was I to do this day? How could I be productive without my computer? I was certain that I was disappointing so very many people because I wasn’t able to give immediate responses to their questions. I felt as though my hands were tied, my voice was silenced and my longing to explore was locked by a void. It was only when I became aware of a paralysis setting in that I knew I was off balance. Since when did immediacy equal genuine care? Had I surrendered my senses to a machine? Spring is bursting with life and I need only take myself outside to breathe in the freshness of the air; to see the lacey green canopy that hovers over the walkways; to touch the earth and feel its birthing; to hear the birds singing their songs perched on the highest branch and daring me to see from which branch the songs are being sung. Yes, I need only to take myself into this Spring day to meet the stranger with a fresh greeting of friendship and to chat, if only for a while, about the beauty of this day.

While I am grateful for this reminder of lavish blessing in relating face-to-face, I cannot deny I am thankful that my computer is now repaired. I pray I do not become consumed by its lure.