Daily Meditation for April 6, 2010

by Owen Lindblad, OSB

The Alleluia has been so quiet all during Lent. But with the rising of the Easter sun, it leaps back into existence with more joy than ever. Christ is risen! Did you know that the word Alleluia is contagious? Yes, by the time you’ve heard it and sung it so exuberantly, the word has melded with your own being, and even your toes sing out. One can not leave a lid on joy or prevent it from spreading. If the toes had their way, you’d be dancing down the aisle and all the way home on Easter morning. And don’t let it stop there. For 40 days we journeyed our way through Lenten conversion and followed all the way to Calvary. It’s time now for another 40 days to shout Alleluia with Christ who has brought us from the winter of our souls to the springtime of new life.