Daily Meditation for March 26, 2010

by Dolores Super, OSB

There is a new exhibit in Haehn Museum at Saint Benedict’s Monastery on six of our Sisters who went to China in 1930. It tells how they lived into a new culture and ministered in education and health care. And there is the story of four years’ imprisonment during WWII by the Japanese who occupied China. Years later, one of the six, Sister Ronayne Gergen reflected on their life and experience: “[T]here has never been complete security about what tomorrow will bring. However, that very insecurity is a grace … it teaches one to rely wholly on the Providence of God. [We have learned] to live just one day at a time. We have no leisure to regret the past, and there is no use worrying about the future. We try to do our allotted task just for the day and leave all—past, present and especially the uncertain future—in God’s loving hands.”Wise counsel for all of us.Visit Haehn Museum for the whole story. (Quote: