Daily Meditation for March 25, 2010

by Sheila Rausch

Human beings are sociable creatures. We live surrounded by other people, whether near or far away. We can hardly escape having feelings or thoughts about others. Almost immediately we know whether we like or dislike others or are simply indifferent to them. We may quickly decide that they are better off than we ourselves. We may see them as happier than we are and consequently envy them, even though unconsciously If people seem to be better situated in life than we ourselves, we may wonder why. And of course, in that case, we may feel quite sure that they don’t need our help, that we can ignore them. We may decide that we can, without guilt, wipe them off the screen of our responsibility. In that case, we may be missing the opportunity to entertain a loving concern, a charity that might eventually have blossomed into action. Each person is God’s invitation to reach out in love.