Daily Meditation for January 27, 2010

by Lois Wedl, OSB

Even in the frigid cold experienced just before Christmas, Sue practiced the kind of hospitality she learned at a retreat last fall. She was taught that to be truly hospitable, she needed to be welcoming to more than just people. The idea of welcoming water as it came out of the kitchen faucet, or greeting the cat or dog as it came into the house was totally foreign to her. She smiled as she spoke about the delight that filled her heart as she prepared the table with all its trimmings on Christmas morning knowing that very likely some of the guests wouldn’t be coming because of the weather. With a smile, she caressed each plate, each goblet, each piece of silver as she placed it reverently in its place on a festive table cloth reserved for special occasions. The fact that only a few of the guests she had prepared for were able to come did not dampen her joy. Instead, she found herself lovingly welcoming those who were able to be there. What she learned about true hospitality has touched her life and the lives of others.