Daily Meditation for January 26, 2010

by Phyllis Plantenberg, OSB

A middle-aged woman recently lost her husband to cancer, just before Christmas. She had to work with the county to pay for the funeral arrangements. After the cremation and funeral services, she took the ashes home. More problems pursued her: a house payment due in March and she lost her job earlier that year. Her reading and writing skills make it very difficult for her to fill in the job application papers. She was, is living on borrowed time. She came asking for prayers. And so we prayed and we prayed. A day or so later the phone rang. A relative heard of her situation and asked for particulars. The conversation did not lead us to expect anything, but later that same week an envelope came with a generous check. It probably will not pay the rent but it will surely help with some of the other bills. Prayers are indeed powerful.