Daily Meditation for January 25, 2010

by Miriam Ardolf, OSB

Peter was diagnosed with serious cancer some months ago. The doctors planned a long, painful treatment program for him but with little, if any, hope for recovery. Peter prayed that the treatments would not be excessively painful, that he would be able to continue to manage his life and that he would recover. But he did not tell his family and friends that he had a serious condition. Finally, after a few months, he began to tell his family and close friends and then slowly expanded the circle of people in whom he confided, each time asking them to pray for him. Recently Peter remarked that when he prayed for himself, he did not get better. He just continued treatments, kept his normal routine and did not see any progress from the treatments. However, when he began to ask others to pray for him, he began to get better and is now doing remarkably well. He just summed it up by saying, “When I prayed for myself, nothing happened; when I asked others to pray for me, I began to get well.” He may have found a key to prayer –ask others to pray for you and you pray for others.