Daily Meditation for January 22, 2010

by Julianne Gilbert, OSB

While spending time in a cabin in the woods recently, it was simple to realize how easily persons become distanced from the presence of nature and its lessons. Watching a woodpecker, blue jay, cardinal and squirrels all gathered at the same feeder, all content with their own little space and supply of birdseed, brought the realization of what precious lessons in forbearance animals can bring us. How often do we eat together with someone who looks like us, but whose skin color is different from ours? When was the last time you conversed with someone whose language was completely different from yours? Are we able to stand side by side with strangers and be satisfied with only an adequate portion of resources? This week, let us reflect on how we can bring nature’s lessons of tolerance into our own lives, in ways that honor God and all of life.