Daily Meditation for January 21, 2010

by Joyce Iten, OSB

The story is told about two brothers who shared a field and a mill. Each night they divided equally the grain they had ground that day. One brother lived alone; the other had a wife and children. One day the single brother decided that since his older brother had many mouths to feed and he had only himself, every chance he had, he would secretly take a sack of grain to his brother’s granary so that his brother would always have enough grain. At about the same time, the married brother thought to himself, he had children to care for him in his old age, but his brother will have no one. So every chance he had, he secretly took a sack of his grain to his brother’s granary. Then one night they met each other halfway between their two homes and realized what had been happening all those years. They embraced with great affection, and looked out for each other the rest of their lives, giving us a good lesson about loving and sharing.