Daily Meditation for January 8, 2010

by Roberta Werner, OSB

How do we sustain the message and joy that Christmas brought? How do we move forward from one day to another when we hear of all the evil in the world? We refuse to yield to the power of evil through the virtue of hope. Hope is an orientation of the heart which tells us that God is here in our midst, no matter what is happening in our lives or in our world. A hopeful person is full of light in a world that is often darkened by evil. A hopeful person knows that there is more to life than what we physically see. When we hope, we trust in the slow work of God because we realize that life will be fulfilled in God’s time and according to God’s promise to be with us always. Hope reminds us that in God’s love and truth our deepest longings will be fulfilled. A hope-filled person can say to evil: “Don’t you know you have already lost? God is in charge. God will prevail.” We believe and we hope!