Daily Meditation for December 30, 2009

by Sheila Rausch, OSB

Resolutions–haven’t we all made them? And broken them? Very likely we acted for the wrong reason—out of the attitude that this was something we were “supposed” to do. It was a way of looking at faults we’d like to get rid of, and giving ourselves a pat on the back for trying. But did we ever expect real change? Did we begin by honest self-examination? What is it about myself that I genuinely wish were different? What actions of mine cut into my popularity? Am I a complainer? A worrywart? A habitual procrastinator? Look at one of these character faults. Really look. Do I sincerely want to improve the atmosphere in which I live? If so, focus on the behavior that gets in the way and ask why. Decide to make the world a little better. Act on that decision. Call on God who is always there to work with and through us.