Daily Meditation for December 22, 2009

by Kathryn Casper, OSB

At a house party in England, the custom was for guests to share their talents. One year a famous actor was among the guests. When it was his turn, he recited the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is My shepherd,” with a magnificent rendition, amid great applause. At the end of the evening, a little old great-aunt who was dozing in the corner, was urged to recite something. She was deaf, and had missed what had gone on before. But she stood up, and in her quivery old voice she recited from memory the whole Psalm 23: “The Lord is My Shepherd.” When she was finished there were tears in the eyes of the guests. Later one of the guests asked the famous actor, “Your recitation was superb, but why were we so moved by the little old lady? He replied, “I know the psalm. She knows the shepherd.” Do you know the shepherd?