Daily Meditation for December 22, 2009

by Phyllis Plantenberg, OSB

The Christmas season is about staying in touch. So is modern technology, with cell phones, radios, TVs, I-pods, E-mails and the list grows. We stay in touch with friends and the world, with politics and wars. Yet many of us are becoming less thoughtful, less creative and less involved than we have ever been. The Christmas season offers us a chance to change that; it asks us to give gifts, first to ourselves and then to others. The first and most precious of these is the gift is time. Take time to just sit in a sunlit room and think, talk to your God, invite your neighbor for tea, send handwritten notes to the persons you love. Prepare a special supper for the family. You’ll be glad you did. Now enlarge your circle of friends and give them some of your time. Staying in touch is the best gift.