Daily Meditation for December 17, 2009

by Owen Lindblad, OSB

It’s all about fostering our dreams. “To dream the impossible dream,…” as the old song goes. Orville and Wilbur Wright at Kitty Hawk had a dream which seemed impossible: to break gravity, get off the earth and move in the air. To fly like birds! Well, for their first awkward trial that December day in 1903, their invention stayed up 12 seconds! But it was a start. The brothers were consumed with a passion and kept going. By the end of that day, after several tries and bruises, they managed 59 seconds in the air. The rest is history. Air and space travel ceased being a dream and became a reality. What about our dreams, our passions? Think big. Can global peace and justice become real? Let’s not give up. If the dream falters, we’ll try again – and again.