Daily Meditation for December 14, 2009

by Bernadette Weber, OSB

In yesterday’s gospel we heard the crowds, the tax collectors and the soldiers who came to be baptized by John the Baptist ask him,“What shall we do?” John’s response was specific to each group. The message to the crowds was, “Share what you have,” to the tax collectors, “Deal honestly with everyone.” and to the soldiers, “Act justly and be satisfied with your pay.” Now in our Advent journey it is our turn to ask, “What should we do?” With the newspaper in one hand and the gospel in the other, let us wake up to the call to be the Word-made-flesh to others in our world. Let us take a stance against torture, speak up for health care for everyone, and plead for an end to war and violence. Come, Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, dwell in our hearts, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our nation and in our world.