Daily Meditation for December 10, 2009

by Mariterese Woida, OSB

At the same time that we approach the shortest day of the year, we also approach one of our most festive holy days and holidays – Christmas. Christians are not the only ones who have arranged for an important event to coincide with the shortest day. A study of history and a world calendar show that peoples throughout the ages of various religious and cultural backgrounds have sought to “lighten up” their worlds, so to speak, with celebrations to offset the darkness. No wonder we have Christmas lights, candles, shiny decorations and festivities in hopes of bringing cheer and goodwill to human kind. In our shrunken global world it’s the state of the economy and the possibility of terrorism as well as darker days that weigh us down and cast a shadow on our well-being. This holiday season may every light, every bright shiny object, every gathering be an occasion that sparks light within to overcome the vestiges of darkness around us.