Daily Meditation for December 7, 2009

by Roberta Werner, OSB

Why do we have war? Why do people need to suffer? These are extremely appropriate questions as we reflect on the coming of the Son of God, who came to bring peace and who proclaimed: “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Why good people suffer remains a mystery to us. But we cannot forget that much of it is of human making. The suffering for millions of people can come from the selfish decisions of governmental leaders who seek more power and more territory, forcing others to defend themselves. Those who lived through World War II will remember the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which we recall today. War is not the choice of God who sent the only Son to bring peace. Wars have continued for thousands of years because of human choices and decisions. We have a choice to be peacemakers in our own little corner of the world. May God help us to be effective in our actions.