Daily Meditation for December 2, 2009

by Lois Wedl, OSB

Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant in December 1967 by transplanting the heart of a road accident victim into a 59-year-old man. Unfortunately, early transplant patients died because they needed drugs to prevent their bodies from rejecting the donor hearts. Advent seems like a good time to think about our own hearts. What special acts might help keep our hearts strong, healthy and loving? Would visiting someone in a nursing home strengthen the hearts of others as well as our own? Would taking a walk while praising God be heart-strengthening? What about calling someone we haven’t talked to for a long time, especially, someone who may be lonely? Or perhaps, we could design our own Advent calendar and fill it in with daily ways of strengthening our hearts by doing good deeds for others as well as being kind to ourselves.