Daily Meditation for November 26, 2009

by Renee Domeier, OSB

It had been a particularly busy and difficult summer. Mary was exhausted, hungry for solitude. Having reserved a lodge in the woods, she drove there under a canopy of trees in full color. A deep peace descended upon her. She could only respond with “Thank you, Jesus.” Then, as she neared the lodge, golden oak and maple trees under a bright sun elicited another “Oh, thank you, Jesus.” She opened the lodge and then sat outside in gratitude and quiet joy enjoying a good cup of coffee. She took in the beauty of her surroundings and listened to the quiet. She wanted only to look and see and be grateful for this day and the abiding presence of God. She felt as if she herself had become a prayer of gratitude. Why not give yourself such a day? With grace upon grace, we can become the flame we so love.