Daily Meditation for November 23, 2009

by Joyce Iten, OSB

This summer I saw a sign near a greenhouse stating: “Don’t plant zucchini unless you have lots of friends.” Perhaps the same could be said about tomatoes and cucumbers. This fall, as we stop by the Farmers’ Market to buy fresh, homegrown vegetables or come home and find several bags of homegrown vegetables on our door step, we are reminded of the blessings and the abundance of food at harvest time. Our taste buds find delight in enjoying the variety of garden vegetables available to so many of us as we creatively prepare new recipes. Once again we lift our minds and hearts in a spirit of gratitude for the gift of food as we extend our appreciation to those who tended the gardens over the summer and now so generously share their produce. Isn’t it great to be a friend of the local gardeners who remembered us as they distribute their bounty!