How beautiful is the dwelling place of God

I like opening the large oak doors to Sacred Heart Chapel. It feels to me as if I am entering a place where the more of life is being lovingly tended. Sometimes I place myself in the stillness of this vast space and truly experience it as if I am in the womb of God. I feel safe. I experience intimacy and holy tending. In this place I am confident of God’s love for me. I stay in the quiet; welcoming the Love that breaks open my heart.

Light spills into the sanctuary and dances upon the altar. I thought I was alone. I look around me and I see no one. I look to the altar and I see. God comes as Light streaming through the large honeycomb windows. God draws my attention to the table, the altar of generosity, of self-giving. The table where bread is broken to be shared for the many and wine poured out that the world would know mercy. I am awed by this wonder; this miracle of now. I feel the warmth of the light penetrating my being. I realize I am cast in the

Light. I hear these words Do this in memory of me. In quiet, humble attentiveness I am left to ponder this encounter.