What is Liturgy of the Hours?

The primary work of Benedictine monastics is prayer—the "work of God," as the Rule of Benedict calls it. It is the daily rhythm of public and private prayer that provides the structure and the defining character of Benedictine life. As Jesus promised, God is present in the community gathered for prayer, and the awareness of that Presence becomes the integrating force in all dimensions of monastic life and ministry. In addition to periods of private prayer and lectio divina, meditative reading of Scripture, the Sisters meet together to pray the Liturgy of the Hours morning, noon and evening in their Oratory, below Sacred Heart Chapel and at Saint Scholastica Convent's chapel.

The Sisters of Saint Benedict welcome you to join them in prayer at the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist.

The Liturgy of the Hours

According to the Rule of Benedict, the Benedictine community meets several times daily to participate in the Liturgy of the Hours. This ancient form of Christian worship consists of hymns, psalms, other passages from Scripture and Christian writings and prayers, interspersed with periods of silent reflection. Through patterned word, music, gesture and silence, we give voice to all creation in praise of God.

Our community meets for the Hours of Morning, Noon and Evening Prayer. Many Sisters also pray the Hour of Compline privately before retiring.

The Sisters invite you to join them for the Liturgy of the Hours. For a prayer schedule, click here.