Photographs by Nancy Bauer, OSB

Sister Nancy Bauer is the prioress of Saint Benedict's Monastery and an accomplished nature photographer. This gallery includes a selection of her recent photos. Feel free to leave a comment below. Please do not reproduce these images without permission from the monastery. Contact: or 320-363-7142. 

wild turkey (84a)

squirrel in winter (5)

deer in winter (42)

cardinal (2)

winter trees (37)

snowy branch (5)

cattails in winter (13)

nuthatch on tree (1)

chickadee (3)

blue jay on branch (2)

chickadee (6)

wild turkey in winter (52)

sumac with snow (1)

leaf in snow (1)

goldfinch in snow (1)

goldfinch in snow (8)

goldfinch in snow (6)

frost on window (6)

single deer in winter (20)

female pheasant in snow (1)

geese at Frontenac (4)

pine branch at fish trap (52)

cemetery in snow (5)

cattails in snow (16)