Visit Us

What to Expect

You will be a guest of the Welcoming Community, where two Sisters who live there will help you feel at home. These Sisters will accompany you to prayers, Eucharist and meals. You will have a a private room prepared for you with bedding, towels,and reading materials about our community.

Based on your needs, a schedule will be set up with Sister Lisa Rose, our Vocation Director. She will help you discover all of the opportunities available to you here during your visit. There will also be an opportunity for you to spend time in quiet reflection, go for walks and exercise if you so choose.

Application for a First Visit

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How did you learn about Saint Benedict's Monastery?
What are your hopes for this visit?
What are some of your personal interests?

Some questions to ponder as you listen:

  • Do I feel a call to a deeper faith life, a deeper relationship with God?
  • Do I desire to be a part of a community, committed to other women who are also seeking God in a common journey?
  • Do I sense a longing for a structured life of prayer, service, common worship?
  • Do I continue to find myself thinking about how to deepen my faith life and committment including wondering whether I may have a vocation?

If these questions resonate with you, it may be time to begin to listen for the call of religious life.