Vocation Steps


A time to become more familiar with us through frequent association while living independently of the community.


Six months to a year of living within the community, sharing the life of prayer and work while learning more about Benedictine spirituality.


A year of intense prayer, study and reflection on Benedictine monastic life in preparation for first monastic commitment. During this time the women, with the formation director, discern their desire and fit for life in this Benedictine community.

First Monastic Profession

A time span of three to six years, living as a vowed member while continuing study, ministry and discernment toward a lifelong commitment.

Perpetual Monastic Profession

A lifelong commitment to seeking God according to the Gospel and the Rule of Benedict in a stable and permanent community.

Women in First Profession

Sister Tammy Shoemaker

S. Tammy Lynn Shoemaker from Louisville, Ky., made her first monastic profession in July 2015. She received her BS in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. Before coming to community she worked in banks in Louisville and as an administrator in a parish. Currently, she works in Mission Advancement, is book-keeper for the Federation of St. Benedict and part of the monastery's technology team.


Sister Nina Lasceski

S. Nina, a Michigan native, found our community through her love of music. She has spent ten years in broadcasting, including work in radio, TV and cable. Since profession in July 2014, S. Nina has worked in the Development Office. She sings with the monastery schola and directs the handbell choir.

Sister Tamra Thomas

S. Tamra Thomas earned her degree in special education from St. Cloud State University. She worked in a group home in St. Joseph before entering the monastery in 2011 and also sang in the St. Jospeh parish church choir. She made first monastic profession in 2013 and has been working as a  receptionist in the Spirituality Center since then.