Some Questions to Ponder

  • Do I feel a call to a deeper faith life, a deeper relationship with God?
  • Do I desire to be part of a community, committed to other women who are also seeking God in a common journey?
  • Do I sense a longing for a structured life of prayer, service and common worship?
  • Do I continue to find myself thinking about how to deepen my faith life and committment, including wondering whether I may have a vocation?

If these questions resonate with you, it may be time to begin to listen for the call of religious life.

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Beginning to Discern

We will engage in discussion with women who are wanting to begin mutual discernment as they respond to their baptismal call and explore membership of our community. The folowing criteria are necessary for a woman interested in dialoguing about a possible vocation to Saint Benedict's Monastery.

  • Are you a baptized Roman Catholic who has celebrated the sacraments of reconciliation, Eucharist and confirmation?
  • If you are a convert, have you been worshiping regularly with a Roman Catholic community during the past two years?
  • If you were raised Catholic, are you currently worshiping regularly with a Roman Catholic community?
  • Are you single, widowed or divorced with an annulment?
  • Have you had post-secondary education and/or do you have work experience beyond high school?
  • Are you being treated for any physical or psychological illness that would prevent you from fully partcipating in community life?
  • Are you between the ages of 22-45, the ages of women with whom we ordinarily discern?

These are the basic prerequisites to a vocation in our community. If you feel called to monastic life, there are many different opportunites you can explore. Sister Lisa Rose, our Vocation Director would be happy to talk with you about religious life, or connect you with our Oblate Director. To learn more about our Oblate program, click here. There are also several opportunities to become involved as a volunteer. To contact our Vocation Director, S. Lisa Rose, email her at or call at (320) 363-7180.