Welcome to you! You have taken a big step in your discernment process just by visiting this Vocations section of our Web site. We want you to feel at ease as you communicate with and learn about us and our monastic community. All of your communications will be held in confidentiality.

We are a monastic community of women dedicated to the life of prayer, community and work. Founded in 1857, the Sisters follow the Rule of Benedict and respond to the needs of the church and the world. We invite you to come pray with us, visit our sacred spaces, and learn more about our Benedictine life.


“I chose to discern religious life because I felt the call to give more of my time, effort and prayer to God and to the people of God. I also want to further deepen my personal spiritual life, and Saint Benedict’s has been the perfect place to do so.” Julianne Gilbert, OSB

 “I realized early in life that ‘things’ were not the answer, and have always understood why people might enter religious life. I resisted it for myself for many years; the real influence was my clearer experience and realization that is was not about what I wanted but what God wanted for me.” Karen Rose, OSB

Sister Karen's Perpetual Monastic Profession was held on July 11, 2012, and Sister Julianne's on July 11, 2013.



To learn more about Sister Karen Rose's discernment journey, read her blog.