Class of 1970:

Barbara Sauer Roberson

Bernice Ruegemer Schroeder

Brigid Bechtold

Catrina Lip

Celine Radle

Cheryl Anderson Abell

Debra Kampa Kuehl

Diane Schackmann Evans

Jane Flament Ludders

Janet Mengelkoch Hughes

Janine Kruse Barnes

Jean Lux

Jeanette Hartung Pfannenstein

Joette Ryan

Joyce Lein Florito

Karin Piotrowski Teja

Kathy Braun Anderson

Linda Walz Daley

Linda White

Lynette Weller Johnson

Margaret Blaylock Ebensperger

Marie Peters Bodette

Martha Dehn Lewis

Mary Baird DeBlieck

Mary Braun Kapsner

Mary Lanz Cable

Mary Meyer Haukom

Mary Ellen Reber Stangler

Mary Jo Omann

Mary Kay Jacobs Leske

Mildred Beaudry Bechtold

Patricia Kremers Klocker

Paula Garmella Tiner

Ramona Rousselange Thorp

Ramona Thorp

Roseann Schneider Mjolhus

Susan Nierengarten Cohen

Wanda Wicker Turnquist


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Dianne Seitz

Lynette Routh

Mary Vos


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