Class of 1954:

Albert (Katherine) Smidt
Alda (Marie) Gerads
Annella  Tillman-deceased
Barbara Jackels Enger
Benno (Marlene) Schoenberg Jansen
Dorothy Danzl Lind
Jennifer (Angeline) Tougas Pihlman
Karleen Wollmering Franklin
Gladys Notsch Resseman
Lucille Gervaert Miller

Magdalene Walz Krupa
Margaret Glatzel-deceased
Marlene Schoenberg Jansen
Matthew (Gertrude) Peterson-deceased
Patricia Chance Otten
Rita (Cyprian) Kunkel
Sarto (Georgia) Theis-deceased
Teresa (Arlene) Duerr-deceased


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Bette Hoffman


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