Class of 1950:

Brendan (Grace Marie) Maiers-deceased

Celine Mary Sauerer-deceased

Deloris (Doris) Nathe Juntilla

Dennis (Blanche) Frandrup

Eleanor  Schecher Sayers

Elizabeth Lou Eischens Ozbowski

Kathleen Margaret Yunger Aschenbrenner

Kathleen Marie Clifford

Leo (Margaret) Schweiss

Marie Zimmer-deceased

Marjorie Hildegard Schuman Schroeder

Mary Ann Schwieters Sauerer

Mary Ann Schwartz Krebsbach

Mathias (Elaine) Jost-deceased

Norma (Norma) Meyer-deceased

Priseilla (Edna) Otte-deceased

Renee (Catherine) Domeier

Rita Hemmelgarn Deutsch

Rosemarie Irene Jackels Laudenback (Rose Pierskalla)


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Jeanette Anna Douvier


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