Class of 1947:

Alvera Weinand Theisen

Amy (Maria) Eynck Ruff

Andriette (Eileen) Schommer

Andrine (Irene) Schommer

Annella (Annella) Mayerhofer

Colina Ogle-deceased

Gertrude (Gertrude) Kaster

Hope (Marilyn) Leighton-deceased

Joel (Verna) Stalbeorger

Leonelle (Eileen) Maas Nalevanko

Lucille (Julia) Lawrence

Marcella Hummel Waterman

Mary Ruemmele-deceased

Mary Ann Pfannenstein Poepping

Ramona Lagundo

Rosemarie Primus Schmeising

Stephen (Angeline) Kurpiers

Valeria (Linda) Kulzer

Vergine (Cecilia) Marx

Vernance Beste Ryan

Vivan Laubach McGervey


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Amalita Eynck

Lorraine Landwehr

Marcella Stich

Marjorie Templeman

Therese Leibold


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