Class of 1936:

Agnes Rader-deceased
Claude (Viola) Rieland-deceased
Elizabeth Stevens-deceased
Johnelle (Mary) Palkowitsch-deceased
Julie Kelvie
Kathleen Homan
Kathryn Paulson
Marie Dickson-deceased
Marold (Leona) Kornovich
Mary Charles (Lucille) Branovsku-deceased
Mary George (Hedwig) Ortman-deceased
Mary Jane Loso-deceased
Mildred Ann (Mildred) Blatz-deceased
Nicolin (Mary) Lausche-deceased
Noel (Loretta) LeClaire-deceased
Stephanie (Harriet) St.Martin
Teresa Stroeing


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Gertrude Kenauer
Imelda Loso
Julia Noternmann
Kathleen Rassier
Mary Mallette
Teresa Lauer

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