Class of 1932:

Alphonse (Frances) Kaproth-deceased
Carol (Lucille) Kossick-deceased
Cormarie (Eleanor) Auer-deceased
Dora (Anna) Plakut-deceased
Emeric (Agnes) Weber-deceased
Everard (Sophia) Roback -deceased
Genevieve (Gen) Eckes Hall
Georgetta (Clara) Loxterkamp-deceased
Gilbert (Veronica) Cremers-deceased
Gordian (Marie) Miller-deceased
Ildephonse (Sarah) TeKippe-deceased
Imelda Robertson
Imelda (Theresa) Waltentiny-deceased
Lalande (Bernadine) Nierma-deceased
Mary Schwinghammer
Mary Ida (Frances) Kleh-deceased
Michaela (Cecilia) Fuch-deceased
Noel (Dorothy) Lewandowski-deceased
Therese (Drucilla) Roth-deceased

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Alice Thielman
Christine Dettmer
Clara Pardo
Edith Schwinn
Irene Charlebois
Julia Schoenhoff
Leila Kielty
Margaret Hartman
Mary Martin (Catherine) Schirmers
Petronia Foedert

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