Paths of Formation

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Oblates are supported in their commitment to the Oblate way of life by the prayers of the community, by their association with the monastery and by taking advantage of on-going formation programs offered by the Oblate Office of Saint Benedict’s Monastery.

photo: Dewey Kramer signs her Oblation commitment on the altar in the Oratory during a joint ceremony with Juliana Howard in February 2008. Prioress Nancy Bauer conducts the ceremony.

Vocation Steps

There are three stages for the seeker:

Stage 1.  Contact the Oblate Director to become familiar with the monastic community and to learn what it means to live the 'Oblate way of life.'

Stage 2.  Be received as a Candidate for a minimum of one year.*

Stage 3.  Make a final commitment as an Oblate by reading the Document of Oblation which is signed on the altar by the Candidate and the Prioress of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict.  This is done during a special ritual service.

*Other Information About the Candidate Process:

A Candidate is received in a Rite of Reception.  At this time, the Candidate is presented with a copy of the Rule of Benedict and a Benedictine medal.

The next year is spent in study, under the direction of the Oblate Director.  During this time, the Rule of Benedict is reviewed, the life of St. Benedict is explored and practices intergral to Benedictine spirituality are learned. 

Each Candidate is mentored by another Oblate or a Sister of the monastery.  The candidacy can extend up to five years if necessary.

When a Candidate has discerned her/his readiness to make a final commitment, the Candidate writes a letter to the Prioress of Saint Benedict's Monastery asking to make her/his final commitment as an Oblate of Saint Benedict.