This is our News Archive section. Here you will find stories about the Sisters,  our monastery, and our work in the world. For more information or to arrange for an interview or photos for a story on the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, please contact:

Karen Rose, OSB
Director of Mission Advancement





News Archive

12-12-2014 Ceramic Celebration

12-02-2014 St. Cloud Diocese: Mass for Peace

11-26-2014 Year of Consecrated Life: Find out More!

11-24-2014 Thanksgiving Eucharist

11-24-2014 One Day Christmas Sale

11-18-2014 Service Times: Dec 26 -Jan 11

11-15-2014 National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

11-14-2014 Spirituality Center: Winter Offerings Open for Registration

11-04-2014 National Vocations Week

10-30-2014 November: Record Your Loved Ones in the Book of Life

10-30-2014 Holiday Opening at Whitby Gift Shop

10-22-2014 Fall Sale at Saint Scholastica Convent

10-16-2014 Beauty of Living and Giving: Retreat for Younger Women, Mothers and Grandmothers --Scholarships Available!

10-07-2014 Girls, God and Good Memories

09-24-2014 Eclectic Artisan Kitchen: Gallery Show Opening

09-22-2014 Register for the Mother-Daughter, Grandmother or Godmother Retreat for Girls in Grades 4-8

09-16-2014 Helping Hands

09-16-2014 Nuns on the Bus

09-15-2014 The Rule

09-04-2014 Faithful Citizenship: USCCB

08-28-2014 "Tradition" Gratitude Day Program: The Video!

08-22-2014 Museum Sale

08-14-2014 Fall Offerings at the Spirituality Center

08-11-2014 Spiritual Director? Maybe It's You!

07-29-2014 Sisters Online

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