This is our News Archive section. Here you will find stories about the Sisters,  our monastery, and our work in the world. For more information or to arrange for an interview or photos for a story on the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, please contact:

Karen Rose, OSB
Director of Mission Advancement





News Archive

08-31-2015 World Day of Prayer for Creation: September 1

08-25-2015 Unleashed: Reigning Cats n' Dogs

08-18-2015 Leadership Conference of Women Religious 2015 Assembly Report

08-10-2015 Year of Consecrated Life: Diocesan Mass

08-05-2015 Danile Knight, OSB, Remembered in Ogden

07-28-2015 Mass Times July 30 and 31

07-23-2015 Guest Organist

07-17-2015 Federation News

07-03-2015 Message of Prayer

07-03-2015 Mercy Ships and Monastery

07-02-2015 A Taste of Wellness: Retreat for Women Veterans

06-18-2015 Sisters Welcome Pope's Encyclical

06-17-2015 Garden Blessing and Potluck

06-15-2015 Resignation of Archbishop: Community Response

06-15-2015 Common Ground Garden: First Harvest

06-10-2015 Top Ten

06-09-2015 "Jewelry - Out of the Box"

06-09-2015 Practice Centering Prayer? Join Our July Retreat!

05-19-2015 Response to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Report

05-12-2015 Additional Offering from the Spirituality Center: Hoarding 101

05-08-2015 CSB Commencement Eucharist, May 9

05-06-2015 "Iraq: Back in the Eye of the Storm" - talk by Sami Rasouli, May 10

04-23-2015 "Reimagined" at Whitby Gallery

04-20-2015 Inspiring Hope: Prayer Service at St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Cloud

04-15-2015 Benedictine Spirituality: Stephanie Mongeon, OSB, Speaks in Ogden, Utah

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