This is our News Archive section. Here you will find stories about the Sisters,  our monastery, and our work in the world. For more information or to arrange for an interview or photos for a story on the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, please contact:

Karen Rose, OSB
Director of Mission Advancement





News Archive

01-28-2016 Service with the Sick: Sister Monica Mai

01-14-2016 Sky's the Limit for S. Lois!

12-22-2015 'On Being' with the Sisters

12-18-2015 Supporting the Fight Against Cancer

12-16-2015 Sister Bridget Donaldson to Receive Iverson-Freking Award

12-11-2015 Mass Time: Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12

12-08-2015 Pope Francis Inaugurates the Year of Mercy

12-01-2015 Humanitarian Award: Utah Sisters

11-23-2015 New Year and Epiphany Service Times

11-17-2015 Let Your Light Shine - 1958 Style!

11-12-2015 "Red Mass": November 14

11-04-2015 Strangers No More

10-29-2015 November Book of Life: Add the Names of Dear Ones Who Have Died

10-28-2015 Art and Liberation Theology: Presentation

10-28-2015 All Saints and All Souls Service Times

10-23-2015 Astonishment and Joy

10-23-2015 Anniversary of Dedication of the Chapel: Service Times

10-22-2015 Erin's Year of Service

10-17-2015 Care for Our Common Home

10-16-2015 These Gentle Communists

10-14-2015 Dignity of All Human Beings

10-12-2015 CSB Students: Invitation to Luminous Lodge

10-08-2015 "White Mass" for Health Care Professionals

10-06-2015 Sister Lucy Miller: Foster Grandmother

10-05-2015 Discernment Retreat: Is God Calling You?

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