This is our News Archive section. Here you will find stories about the Sisters,  our monastery, and our work in the world. For more information or to arrange for an interview or photos for a story on the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, please contact:

Karen Rose, OSB
Director of Mission Advancement





News Archive

08-08-2016 Call for Civil Discourse Between Political Parties

08-08-2016 ABA Egregia Award: Ephrem Hollerman, OSB

08-01-2016 Ministry of Listening

07-27-2016 Find Saint Benedict's Monastery on Pinerest: Follow us!

07-25-2016 Benedictine Live-In: Sample Monastic Life!

07-19-2016 Prevention of Gun Violence

06-24-2016 Benedictine School: New Course Dates Added

06-15-2016 President Earl Potter: May He Rest in Peace

05-31-2016 Monastic Institute 2016

05-17-2016 Studium Scholar Publishes Book

04-27-2016 2016 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award: Nominations Open

04-25-2016 Bundt Cake Boom!

04-14-2016 Prayer for Small Farmers

04-08-2016 Pope Francis on the Joy of Love

03-17-2016 Now Open! A Legacy of Learning

01-29-2016 Antiphons for the Year of Mercy

01-28-2016 Service with the Sick: Sister Monica Mai

01-14-2016 Sky's the Limit for S. Lois!

12-22-2015 'On Being' with the Sisters

12-18-2015 Supporting the Fight Against Cancer

12-16-2015 Sister Bridget Donaldson to Receive Iverson-Freking Award

12-11-2015 Mass Time: Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12

12-08-2015 Pope Francis Inaugurates the Year of Mercy

12-01-2015 Humanitarian Award: Utah Sisters

11-23-2015 New Year and Epiphany Service Times

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