This is our News Archive section. Here you will find stories about the Sisters,  our monastery, and our work in the world. For more information or to arrange for an interview or photos for a story on the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, please contact:

Karen Rose, OSB
Director of Mission Advancement





News Archive

12-23-2016 Art and Heritage Place: Annual Closing

12-15-2016 Monastery Memories

12-12-2016 Prayer Requests

12-12-2016 Service Times: January Feasts

12-09-2016 Book Now! New Offerings at the Spirituality Center

11-28-2016 Benedictine School: Catch the Early Bird Fees

11-22-2016 Hermitage: The Gift of Time to Be

11-22-2016 Eucharist Service Times: November 23-27

11-16-2016 Sharing Benedictine Values Through the Generations

11-16-2016 Experience Benedictine Hospitality: An Invitation

11-12-2016 Benedictine Values

11-08-2016 A Place of Civility: Saint Benedict's Monastery

11-01-2016 National Vocation Awareness Week

11-01-2016 "Give to the Max"

10-28-2016 Thanks to Our Donors and Benefactors

10-28-2016 All Saints and All Souls Service Times

10-19-2016 Find the perfect gift for someone special during the holidays at Whitby Gift Shop and Gallery!

10-17-2016 Sister Johanna Becker: Contribution to Saint John's Bible

10-14-2016 Catholics Care. Catholics Vote - US Bishops' Guidance

10-14-2016 2016 Monastic Enterprises Arts and Crafts Sale at Saint Scholastica Convent on November 4 and 5

10-06-2016 Mass for Health Care Professionals: October 9

10-05-2016 Monastery Day of Prayer for Our Nation

09-19-2016 Mall Stabbing in St Cloud

09-19-2016 Caution! Poetry at Work

09-14-2016 American Elected as Abbot Primate

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