Studium Scholars

Participants in the program are called Studium Scholars. The term "scholar" might seem restrictive, suggesting that only professors are eligible. But scholarship is broader than academics, and not all academics are scholars. A scholar is someone dedicated to lifelong learning, for whom thinking and finding things out, imagining and communicating are fundamental to meaningful life.

Studium has two kinds of members:
Monastery Scholars and Visiting Scholars

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Monastery Scholars

Sisters of Saint Benedict's Monastery who are working on individual projects constitute the core of Studium.

Monastery Scholars have produced an astonishing array of scholarly work—books, homily helps, prayer books, hymn collections, retreat conferences, parish histories and more. For a list of Monastery Scholars' projects completed while at Studium, click here.

Visiting Scholars, Resident and Day

Visiting Scholars are women and men who are in broad agreement with Benedictine cultural and social commitments—awareness of God, community, prayer and work, listening, hospitality, stewardship, peace—and for whom the interdisciplinary, intergenerational, interfaith and intercultural setting of Studium offers an appealing venue for their own scholarly work.

The projects pursued at Studium by Visiting Scholars cover a wide range of subjects and disciplines, such as biblical perspectives on contemporary living, a theological commentary for the Bible Series, the spiritual journey as transformation, Buddhist and Christian spiritual practices and a novel set in medieval times.

Visiting Scholars have high praise for the opportunities offered at Studium.

“Certainly, Studium is a sanctuary for research, writing, and creativity. But it is much more: a place of shared liturgy and prayer, a community of charity and hospitality, an environment to feed and heal the soul, a graced opportunity to explore, to seek, to find meaning and connection with self, others, nature, and God. A place to experience gratitude. Come.” Steven Chase (day scholar)

"My several periods at Studium were instrumental in my completion of one book that has just been published by Oxford University Press, and a second book for which I’m about to start seeking a publisher. The combination of comfortable work and living space away from the ordinary things that distract from my writing, the ability to participate in the daily prayers with the Benedictine community, and the warm hospitality and encouragement of the Studium staff and the other Sisters living in community at Saint Benedict’s, makes Studium a treasure. I’m already on the lookout for a good time for another stay there!" Susan Stabile (resident scholar)

“My work focused on credit for low-income communities based on a real concern about the challenges of the human condition in the modern economy. As an economist, it is somewhat easy to become mired in technical details, and I appreciated my interactions with members of the Sisters of Saint Benedict as well as other Studium participants as I researched and reflected on the academic problems I confronted. Their genuine concern about matters of social justice and wellbeing and hospitable spirit helped to provide balance to my thinking and acted as a leavening agent to my studies.” Parker Wheatley (day scholar)


For a list of publications completed by Visiting Scholars during their Studium stay, click here.


For a list of presentations given by Visiting Scholars during their Studium stay, click here.

Studium provides for all its Scholars both time alone (a lot) and time together (enough, but not too much) that are essential for original work. Besides casual encounters that happen in the hallway or the dining room, Studium gathers once a month for a formal meeting, at which a presentation on work in progress is made by one or more members, and discussion helps add depth and clarity.

The Rule of Saint Benedict affirms the wisdom and unique gifts of each person. Studium is a formal, institutional expression by Saint Benedict’s Monastery of trust in this wisdom and these gifts. Studium Scholars motivate, support, and empower one another in creative endeavor. In this way they share in the transforming work of God’s Spirit.

For a list of publications completed by Visiting Scholars during their Studium stay, download the following file.

For a list of publications completed by Monastery Sister Scholars at Studium, download the following file.

For a list of current Studium Scholars, click here.