Prayers for Kids

We invite you to pray to Jesus who hears and listens to our prayers. We celebrate the good news and events and ask for help when we most need it.

Here are some prayers the sisters have written

O Jesus, You were once a child like me,
Be with me to help me today to follow You.
May I learn to love others like You did.
Thank you, Jesus, for your love and help.
Written by Sister Louise Koltes, OSB

Come with me, Jesus, to class today.
Be by my side to give me courage.
Sometimes I feel shy and fearful.
Come and be with me, Jesus, my friend.
Written by Sister Louise Koltes, OSB

Rejoice For Your Names Are Written In Heaven (Lk. 10:20)

Wow! How wonderful!
Someday I will live in heaven
with You, dear GOD!
I will live with all Your angels and saints.

I will close my eyes now,
and think about the heaven
that will be my real home forever.

Thank You, GOD, thank You!
Written by Sister Clare Shadeg, OSB

Love Others As I Have Loved You (Jn. 13:34)
Jesus, I love my mom, dad, and
lots of people.
But today my neighbor
broke my toy.
So it's kind of hard
to love my neighbor right now.
Help me to forgive
and love again soon.

You really must love me a lot.
You came to earth to help me
get to heaven.
Thank you for loving me so much!
Written by Sister Clare Shadeg, OSB

Prayers that Ryhme

With God All Things Are Possible (Matt. 19:26)
There is not a thing
God cannot do.
I'm not lying;
This is really true.

God lets the sun shine.
God sends us rain showers.
God makes the crops grow.
God gives us beautiful flowers.

God knows and loves everyone.
God even gave us His own Son.
Written by Sister Clare Shadeg, OSB

Prayers of Faith, Hope and Love written by 3rd Graders

I believe in You, God. I hope You will always stay with me. I love You.
Written by Wyatt

Dear God, I believe that You are the best God. I hope in You, Lord. I love You and Jesus.
Written by Tony

Prayers to Jesus written by 4th Graders

Dear Jesus, I need You to remind me of my field trip.
I really wish that I will pass all my grades.
Sometimes I feel guilty for all the bad things I do, but at least I admit them.
Written by Roger

Jesus, I love You. I really wish that You were here. Sometimes I feel unsafe.
Written by Ches

Prayers to Mary and the Holy Spirit written by 4th Graders

Mary, you are the blessed mother of everybody.
I praise and thank you for family, friends, house, food and for Jesus.
Holy Spirit, help me to be a better listener and not to talk so much.
Written by Alex

Mary, you are the most blessed Virgin,
I praise and thank you for my talents. I wish all violence would go away.
Holy Spirit, I need more patience. I want to be better in school.
Remind me to raise my hand.
Written by Marco

Prayers of Praise, Thanks, Petition, Sorrow, and Blessing written by 5th Graders

Dear God,
You are my Savior. You have given me faith. I thank you for all my friends. I wish that I could do better at my homework. I am sorry for all my sins. I will try to be better at listening to my mom and dad. Please help me to get along with my brother. When I grow up, I want to be a good role model to children.
Written by Kelsi

Dear God,
You are my hero. You give me hope. I thank You for everything You have ever done for me. I wish that I could be as nice as You. I am sorry for all the sins I have made. I will try to improve my behavior. When I grow up, I hope I will go to church more.
Written by Nichole