Benedictine Facts

What is a Benedictine Sister?

A Benedictine Sister is a woman who has answered the call to religious life and made vows to give her life completely to the service of Christ and the Church. She centers her life around prayer, faith, community and service. She lives in community with others who have the same commitment in their lives.

A Benedictine Sister may work in a parish, teach in a school, work for peace and justice, care for the sick in hospitals or homes for the elderly, take care of poor people, grow food to share with the poor and do a variety of other work.

Benedictine Sisters have fun together! Some like to ride a bike, swim, play cards, watch movies, ski, go camping and hiking, read, bake, quilt, knit and do a variety of crafts. A Sister is able to keep in touch with her mom and dad, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews through visits, phone calls and e-mail.

Benedictine Sisters choose a spiritual leader called a prioress. The prioress helps the Sisters keep Jesus at the center of their lives. Praying to Jesus and making friends are things that Sisters like to do.

Benedictine Sisters love Jesus and live their life together in community, with other Sisters.

How do Sisters pray?

Benedictine Sisters promise to pray for all the people of God so they gather as a group in a large prayer room called an Oratory. They pray three times a day in the Oratory: morning, noon and evening. In the Oratory they pray aloud the psalms from the Bible and listen to God’s Word being read. A Benedictine Sister spends time alone in prayer with Jesus each day. This time gives her the opportunity to hear God.

What do Sisters do?

Sisters have a lot of duties. They care for the earth, visit sick people, work in hospitals and homes for older people, are teachers in colleges, high school and elementary schools, grow food to share with the poor, and much more.

Where do Sisters live?

Sacred Heart Chapel

This is where the Sisters come together to celebrate the Eucharist.


The Sisters come together and pray here. They pray three times during the day for what is called “liturgy of the hours.”

Blessed Sacrament Chapel

This is a sacred space where the Sisters and their visitors come for individual, quiet prayer.

Gathering Place

This is a large room where visitors and guests enter when they come to the monastery. It is a space to come together and talk with friends.

Community Room

The Sisters meet here to receive their mail, learn information and chat with other Sisters.

Sisters’ Dining Room

Sisters have three meals a day in their dining room. They can invite outside guests to eat with them or they may talk with other Sisters.

A living group’s home is much like your home. It has a kitchen, bedroom, living and dining room where the Sisters eat and pray together. Some Sisters may live closer to where they work.