Puerto Rico Sisters Update


The Benedictine monastery in Humacao, Puerto Rico, which was hit by Hurricane Maria, is a daughter house of Saint Benedict's Monastery.  Sister Kerry O'Reilly, President of the Federation of Saint Benedict, has been in contact with the Sisters.


The sisters in Humacao continue to be patient with the national response to the destruction caused by the hurricane. As we hear each evening on the news, assistance has been slow in coming. Humacao was hit by the hurricane very severely and they have little more now than they did in the beginning.

The sisters opened the school, San Benito, for classes almost immediately after the hurricane to offer the children some normalcy and structure after the trauma of this violent storm. The neighborhood folks are taking care of each other as they live this uniquely simple life. All the foliage was destroyed, but a beautiful hope is to see the trees beginning to sprout new leaves!

DONATIONS: Thank you for the generous donations that have been received and your prayers. The sisters will need and will accept donations for the monastery and school into the future. It is better to begin using their bank for direct donations. When the bank in Humacao, Puerto Rico, is securely functioning, we will communicate that and the procedure to follow for a direct donation.  In the meantime, do not send donations to Sister Kerry or the Saint Benedict’s Monastery, but watch this page for more information!

We pray for all victims of the weather events this summer. Thank you.


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