Sisters in Puerto Rico


The Benedictime monastery in Humacao, Puerto Rico, which was recently hit by Hurricane Maria, is a daughter house of Saint Benedict's Monastery.

Sister Kerry O'Reilly, President of the Federation of Saint Benedict, is sending this letter to all prioresses in the Federation.

If you woud like to make a donation to help the sisters and schools in Puerto Rico, please contact S. Kerry at or (320) 363-7131.


October 5, 2017

Dear Prioresses of the Federation of St. Benedict,

Prayers for the many who are suffering from hurricanes and earthquakes, floods and shootings are what occupy us these days. One group weighing heavily on our minds is our Sisters in Humacao, Puerto Rico.  Besides experiencing one of the worst hurricanes on record that touched directly in Humacao, they are experiencing the lack of aid and support by a new administration. 

We have little information about the Sisters except that they are OK.  Sister Roberta Bailey, Prioress in St. Leo, Florida, communicated that a friend of a friend on Facebook said she heard the Sisters are fine but “in need of propane gas.”   This is a time when folks draw together and every piece of information is valuable.

Because we know almost nothing about what damage has occurred regarding both monastery and school, it is difficult to identify needs at this point.  However, for sure I can say that assistance will be needed.  The members of the Federation council and I have agreed to send this communication for looking ahead.  The Monasterio Santa Escolastica is a small community of 10 members and working hard to keep their K-9 Colegio San Benito open and available to students.  Even before the hurricane, the Island of Puerto Rico was experiencing a stagnant economy and people were leaving the island in search of jobs.  Now, they are in need of the most basic necessities. 

As we move ahead and when we finally are able to communicate with the Sisters, I will keep you informed.  As it becomes clearer what is needed, we as a Federation can find some effective ways to be of assistance and support.

I spoke with Abbot Elias, President of the American Cassinese Congregation, about the three Benedictine Schools in Puerto Rico.  Already I have received a contact from a school about raising funds for Colegio San Benito.  We decided that any funds that are offered for the Benedictine Schools in Puerto Rico will be pooled and divided among the three.  You may encourage educational groups at any level to raise some funds, as this will be a great need after the necessities are taken care of.  Again, I will keep you informed about how this works. 

As I write this, President and Mrs. Trump are visiting Puerto Rico.  May it result in an assistance that meets needs and gives hope to these citizens of the United States. Peace in the name of Jesus the Christ.

Sister Kerry O'Reilly, President

Federation Councilors: Sisters Agatha Muggli, Edith Bogue, Nicole Kunze, LIsa Maurer


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