3G campers 2009

Girls, God and Good Times

"It was so much fun. I loved learning about all the Benedictine values. I also loved the camp song a lot." Greta, Grade 5

Welcome to Girls, God and Good Times, Benedictine summer camps for girls in grades 4-10. At our camp you’ll pray, meet and do arts and crafts with the sisters, and eat and stay in a residence hall on the campus of the College of Saint Benedict. We also spend time doing recreational activities, singing and have a traditional bonfire.


4th-5th Grade 3G Camp

6th-11th Grade 3G Camp

Take a look at the activities in the brochures and contact Sister Lisa if you have any questions! Download a form to register.


Sister Lisa Kittock
3G Camp Director



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Here's what some of the campers have to say about Girls, God and Good Times!

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"One activity we did was a reflection prayer. While a sister read a reflection prayed we shut our eyes and thought of a holy word. You could feel the Presence of God." Abigail, Grade 5

"My favorite memories of 3G Camp was spending time with the sisters. We did so many choices of crafts. I also learned the life skills of keeping my room tidy, to not waste food and, to slave electricity." Claire, Grade 5

"Overall, 3G Camp was amazing and I would definitely send girls going into 5th or 6th grade for an unforgettable experience." Sarah Grade 6

"One of my favorite memories of 3G camp was lectio divina. I liked how we would pick a word or sentence from a bible passage that stuck out or touched your heart. We would write what we thought it meant and what it teaches us." Samantha, Grade 5

"My favorite memory is having the ice cream social with the sisters. I loved how they told about their lives so we could connect with them. It is really nice knowing about what it’s like being a sister." Lottie, Grade 6

"I liked when Sister Alice came to ask me about camp.  I told her I liked it because there are girls my age where I can express my religion and feel comfortable." Grace, Grade 6

"I enjoyed swimming because everyone was having a good time. I enjoyed everyone’s sense of humor and everyone’s contagious smile. I loved our camp counselor because she liked praying with us and helping us grow closer to God." Marissa, Grade 5

"One of my favorite memories of 3G Camp is when we got to have Q and A with the Sisters. It was fun to listen to their stories of when and why they became a Sister. I also got to meet a bunch of new friends." Ellie, Grade 5