Federation of St. Benedict

The Federation of St. Benedict was established in 1947 by the Sisters of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn., to give moral, spiritual and inspirational support to each monastic community and also to strengthen the Benedictine charism around the world. All of the Benedictine monasteries listed below share a similar and rich history, beginning in Eichstätt, Bavaria, with Mother Benedicta Riepp as foundress.

Today, there are 10 independent monasteries included as members of the Federation. Nine of these members were founded by the Sisters of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn.

  • Mount St. Scholastica Monastery
    Atchison, Kansas, established 1863
  • St. Scholastica Monastery
    Duluth, Minnesota, 1892
  • Annunciation Monastery
    Bismarck, North Dakota, 1947
  • Saint Paul’s Monastery
    St. Paul, Minnesota, 1948
  • Saint Placid Priory
    Lacey, Washington, 1952
  • Saint Benedict Monastery
    Tanshui, Taipei, Taiwan, 1988
  • Saint Benedict’s Monastery
    Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, 1985
  • Saint Martin Monastery
    Nassau, Bahamas, 1994
  • Monasterio Santa Escolastica
    Humacao, Puerto Rico, 2000
  • Saint Mary Monastery
    Rock Island, Illinois
    (not founded by the Sisters of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn.)